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Second Segment-Family , men usually worked behind the scenes, as choreographers, such as Ibrahim Akef, Isaac Dixon and Mahmoud Reda he was also a performer but he only danced folkloric on stage, never raqs sharqi. Egyptian men still dance socially baladi and today shaabi , using the same movement vocabulary that women use. Morocco Varga Dinicu, , pp. Morocco ibid argues that it was the arrival of Europeans, at the end of the 19 th century, which pushed professional male dancers to the margins. Shay points out that the preference for women performing became a class issue, as the westernised upper classes started assimilating European tastes. Shay, explains that , p. Traditional professional male dancers carried out their trade in the most peripheral regions of the Middle East until the present, but in cities that had a major European colonial presence, like Cairo, Beirut, and Damascus, they largely disappeared from the urban scene. In the contemporary international raqs sharqi scene, there are many well-known male teachers from Egypt. However, apart from Khaled Mahmoud some of whose workshops I have attended , based in the UK and who teaches and performs raqs sharqi, the majority of men only perform folkloric dance. Others live abroad and teach oriental, but perform either folklore or their own fusion and innovative version of oriental, such as:.

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Last Updated on December 8, Belly dance, in the last 50 years or so, has become a worldwide phenomenon practiced in its variety of styles all over the world. This dance form is practiced in all continents and in countries across a range of cultures and locations including China, USA, Russia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Germany, Spain and Argentina, in addition to in countries in which it originated i.

Egypt and Turkey. Belly dance is danced and appreciated worldwide and this means that there is a global network of dancers, a network which is more like a community and from my experience, always welcoming. You might be wondering, therefore, how to get in contact with other like minded people who also love this dance form. It is great to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with people who share a common passion, and there is no shortage of other belly dancers around the world for you to meet.

If you are at an upper intermediate level or above in terms of your dancing ability, you may find it hard to meet other dancers because you may no longer attend weekly classes, a situation which I have experienced. At a certain level of ability, you may find that it is harder and harder to find classes that meet your level, unless you live in a big city like London. Hence, you may want to keep on practicing belly dance, but you may miss the sense of community you used to find in a class.

Some people start teaching and therefore share their passion with their students, but not everyone has the time or the inclination to do so.

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Add Bellydance to Your Event. Tava is driven to share cultural context, history, regional styling and rhythms of the dance in order to shed stereotypes and embrace cross-cultural understanding via the arts. With performance credits spanning the East Coast from Maryland to Montreal Tava is honored to share dynamic and celebratory bellydance performances with audiences all over.

She credits her teachers, mentors and colleagues for their continued inspiration to learn and grow as a dancer. Over the course of her career, Tava has developed a reputation as one of the top bellydancers in NY and CT. Tava teaches several weekly bellydance classes, coaches students internationally and recently started a mentoring program to help budding dancers create careers with integrity. As director of her student troupe, The Manipura Dance Collective, Tava choreographs numerous dances per year that are showcased in her highly successful annual events.

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Date of Birth: January 4 Lea was trained as a belly dancer before she started her social media career, and so she was a cut above other dancers on the app.

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Thanks for your consideration. Kind Regards, Ana Betancourt. Ballet is like belly dancing, from my gut! Hosting is my specialty, dancing is my talent and poker is my sport. Hi, my name is Nastya.

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Beside the obvious Cardio and Fitness, Belly Dance is considered the most original and organic dance form. Unlike other dance forms, Belly Dance moves adjust to fit your body, and make your body look elegant and attractive, no matter your body shape. Sign up for your classes online, call or text us to sign up

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